API Definitions News

These are the news items I've curated in my monitoring of the API space that have some relevance to the API definition conversation and I wanted to include in my research. I'm using all of these links to better understand how the space is defining not just their APIs, but their schema, and other moving parts of their API operations.

Title Source Visit
apiaryio/api-blueprint - Gitter (2015-02-17) gitter.im
Utilising API Blueprint in API Clients (2015-02-17) blog.apiary.io
Community Debates API Specification Alternatives (2015-02-18) www.infoq.com
Using Templates for Documentation Driven API Design (2015-02-19) nordicapis.com
New RAML Tools for .NET Developers using Anypoint Platform (2015-02-19) blogs.mulesoft.com
MuleSoft Releases RAML .NET Parser, Visual Studio Extension (2015-02-20) www.programmableweb.com
Swagger APIs at a glance ? swagger.ed (2015-02-26) chefarchitect.github.io
Apigee Product Highlight Video: SmartDocs (2015-03-03) apigee.com
Web Metadata Publishing Using XML (2015-03-23) www.digitalgov.gov
Swagger + SmartBear! (2015-03-25) blog.helloreverb.com
SmartBear Picks Up Swagger API Project (2015-03-26) www.programmableweb.com
Let?s Get Swagger Right (2015-03-26) restlet.com
Sharing Is Caring - Socialize Your Public API Blueprints (2015-03-26) blog.apiary.io
New API Blueprint Tutorial (2015-04-01) blog.apiary.io
Swagger Founder Makes Commitment to Keep Project Open (2015-04-04) www.infoq.com
Swagger For The Masses (2015-04-07) api.report
RAML Founder Talks About the API Industry: Governance, Technology, and... (2015-04-22) www.infoq.com
RobWin/swagger2markup (2015-05-01) github.com
3scale API Management Platform Now Supports Updated Swagger 2.0 (2015-05-20) www.programmableweb.com
Building APIs with Node.js and Swagger (2015-05-22) www.slideshare.net
Founder of API Blueprint Discusses Progress (2015-05-27) www.infoq.com
API Blueprint on GitHub (2015-05-28) blog.apiary.io
Article: Article Series: Description, Discovery, and Profiles : The Next Level in Web APIs (2015-05-29) www.infoq.com
We got the moves like swagger! (2015-06-02) www.apiman.io
API Blueprint on GitHub (2015-06-03) blog.apiary.io
Parse Adds New Schema API and API Console (2015-06-04) www.infoq.com
The Power of RAML (2015-06-04) www.infoq.com
Hyperdrive?Apiary Blog (2015-06-05) blog.apiary.io
Cerebris :: JSON API 1.0 (2015-06-05) www.cerebris.com
API Blueprint on GitHub?Apiary Blog (2015-06-06) blog.apiary.io
New JSON API Specification Aims to Speed API Development (2015-06-10) www.programmableweb.com
APIs with Swagger : An Interview with Reverb?s Tony Tam (2015-06-10) www.infoq.com
How to describe APIs? (2015-06-15) api-university.com
What are API Description Languages? (2015-06-17) api-university.com
Schemas ? Successfully Navigating API Complexity (2015-06-17) quickbase.intuit.com
(2015-06-19) blog.lateral.io
The APIs.json Discovery Format: Potential Engine in the API Economy (2015-06-19) www.infoq.com
Introducing Postman Collection Format Schema (2015-07-02) blog.getpostman.com
Monitor RAML APIs with API Science (2015-07-08) blogs.mulesoft.com
How To Design Great APIs With API-First Design and RAML (2015-07-10) www.programmableweb.com
ALPS Mapping Guidelines for UBER (2015-07-17) rawgit.com
Customizing your auto-generated Swagger Definitions in 1.5.x (2015-08-11) snip.ly
MSON Tutorial on Github (2015-08-14) github.com
InfoQ eMag: Description, Discovery, and Profiles - The Next Level in Web APIs (2015-08-18) www.infoq.com
Amazon#039;s Swagger Importer Points to New Wave of API Automation Tooling (2015-08-25) www.programmableweb.com
Swagger 2.0 Extension for Code Generation Settings (2015-08-26) drktech.com
Integrate your Slack with Swagger! (2015-09-09) swagger.io
API Description Language Translation, API DL Mediation, API Management (2015-10-21) www.akana.com
Akana Unveils Tech That can Translate Between API Description Languages (2015-10-23) www.programmableweb.com
Importing and translating RAML API definition (2015-10-26) restlet.com
API Economy Gets Boost With Open Spec Initiative (2015-11-05) www.enterprisetech.com
Restlet Joins the Open API Initiative at Linux Foundation (2015-11-05) restlet.com
New Collaborative Project to Extend Swagger Specification for Building Connected Applications and Services (2015-11-05) www.linuxfoundation.org
Launching the Linux Foundation Open API Initiative (2015-11-05) www.3scale.net
Linux Foundation Sets the Stage for Easier Sharing of APIs - The New Stack (2015-11-05) thenewstack.io
New Collaborative Project to Extend Swagger Specification for Building Connected Applications and Services (2015-11-05) api.report
Linux Foundation throws its weight behind open APIs (2015-11-06) www.infoworld.com
For A Brief Moment We All Had Swagger In The API Space (2015-11-23) kinlane.com
Usage of Swagger in Node.js Applications to document APIs (2015-11-24) heidloff.net
Adding A New Alpha Endpoint To Explode API OADF Into Separate Files For Each Unique Endpoint (2015-11-27) alpha.apievangelist.com
10 realizations as I was creating my Swagger spec and Swagger UI (2015-12-10) idratherbewriting.com
A name to walk with a swagger (2015-12-17) restlet.com
Schema.org: Evolution of Structured Data on the Web (2015-12-26) queue.acm.org
Interview with Tony Tam on Open API Initiative and Latest Swagger News (2016-01-07) www.infoq.com
json-schema-matcher 0.1.1 (2016-01-12) pypi.python.org
EP Labs Helix | Elastic Path Developer Site (2016-01-12) developers.elasticpath.com
Linting OpenStreetMap Data (2016-01-13) www.mapbox.com
Strategy Markup Language (StratML) (2016-01-13) xml.fido.gov
We?ve got Swagger (2016-01-18) blog.apiary.io
Apiary.io Now Features Swagger Support (2016-01-19) www.programmableweb.com
Screencast: Import and translate RAML API definitions (2016-01-19) restlet.com
WADL and Swagger United in Apache CXF (2016-01-22) www.talend.com
Using API Gateway mapping templates to handle changes in your back-end APIs (2016-01-26) aws.amazon.com
API Blueprint Evolving in Two Areas Where OpenAPI Spec (aka Swagger) Falls Short (2016-01-29) dzone.com
REST API Documentation Part 2 ? Swagger, RAML, and Open API (2016-02-02) dzone.com
Getting Started With OData (2016-02-14) dzone.com
RAMLing Around With Mule (2016-02-16) dzone.com
Presentation: Creating Java REST Servers from Swagger API Definitions (2016-02-16) www.infoq.com
Using a Prototype as an API Product Specification (2016-02-16) sendgrid.com
The Ion Data Interchange Format (2016-02-17) ionwg.github.io
Concern Around Mapping and Discussing Shadow Mobile APIs Shows Signs of an Imbalance (2016-02-18) dzone.com
RAMLing Around With Mule ( Part 2 ) (2016-02-21) dzone.com
Rapier: Cut Through the Tedium of API Specification (2016-02-23) apigee.com
Should You Craft Your Own API Definition Format? (2016-02-25) dzone.com
DreamFactory 2.1 released, includes OpenAPI spec upgrade (2016-02-25) blog.dreamfactory.com
(2016-03-01) www.codeproject.com
Writing OpenAPI (Swagger) Specification Tutorial ? Part 2 ? The Basics (2016-03-02) apihandyman.io
Writing OpenAPI (Swagger) Specification Tutorial ? Part 1 ? Introduction (2016-03-02) apihandyman.io
Introducing Auth0 for Postman Collections (2016-03-09) auth0.com
An IMS Proposal ? Eliminate all use of JSON-LD (2016-03-14) www.dr-chuck.com
HTTP-RPC 2.5 Released (2016-03-15) dzone.com
Publishing JSON Schema Documentation With Docson (2016-03-17) dzone.com
Writing OpenAPI (Swagger) Specification Tutorial ? Part 3 ? Simplifying specification file (2016-03-19) apihandyman.io
What is APIs.json? And What is Next for the API Discovery Format? (2016-03-22) dzone.com
Calling an OData Service From Python ? UK Parliament Members Data Platform (2016-03-23) blog.ouseful.info
JSON-LD: Building Meaningful Data APIs (2016-03-24) blog.codeship.com
You asked, weve answered, Postman Collections! (2016-03-29) developer.walgreens.com
Import and test your Swagger API definitions in DHC (2016-03-29) restlet.com
Examples of Validations for LoopBack Models (2016-03-29) strongloop.com
Finicity Launches TxPUSH to Create Financial Data Aggregation Standard (2016-03-30) bankinnovation.net
Article: C#/Web API Code Generation Patterns for the RAML User (2016-04-04) www.infoq.com
The More I Gather OpenAPI Specs the More I Realize How We Obsess Over the Unecessary (2016-04-04) dzone.com
RFC 7807 - Problem Details for HTTP APIs (2016-04-04) tools.ietf.org
What?s wrong with my Swagger definition? (2016-04-07) restlet.com
Amazon API Gateway Now Supports Swagger Definition Import (2016-04-09) www.infoq.com
The OpenAPI Specification at Cloud Expo Europe (2016-04-14) www.3scale.net
Writing OpenAPI (Swagger) Specification Tutorial ? Part 4 ? Advanced Data Modeling (2016-04-17) apihandyman.io
Dramatically Increase Visibility in Search for WordPress Using JSON-LD Payloads and This PHP Snippet (2016-04-22) dzone.com
Playing With One Possible OpenAPI Spec for the Human Services Data Specification (HSDS) (2016-04-23) dzone.com
APIs.json Annotation (2016-04-26) apis.json.annotation.apievangelist.com
JSON Schema: Why and How (2016-05-01) dret.typepad.com
Schema.org OpenAPI Specs (2016-05-02) schema.org.apis.apievangelist.com
API Views With OpenAPI Spec And Liquid (2016-05-04) dzone.com
Writing OpenAPI (Swagger) Specification Tutorial ? Part 5 ? Advanced Input And Output Modeling (2016-05-06) apihandyman.io
How to use RAML to Auto-Generate C# Code for Dynamic Web API Provisioning (2016-05-07) www.programmableweb.com
How far should Web API definition languages go? (2016-05-10) restlet.com
OpenAPI Specifications For 642 of the Schema.org Types (2016-05-11) dzone.com
API Fortress Launches Automatic Test Generation with RAML (2016-05-14) www.programmableweb.com
Overcoming Swagger Annotation Overload by Switching to JSON (2016-05-14) dzone.com
Poll results: Do you prefer YAML or JSON for your Swagger? (2016-05-16) restlet.com
RAML 1.0 is out! (2016-05-17) restlet.com
Import RAML Directories in Postman Directly (2016-05-19) dzone.com
RAMLing Again With API Workbench: From Setup to Design (2016-05-19) dzone.com
JSON-LD: Building Meaningful Data APIs (2016-06-09) dzone.com
Designing and documenting your APIs using RAML (2016-06-11) dzone.com
Writing OpenAPI (Swagger) Specification Tutorial ? Part 7 ? Documentation (2016-06-12) apihandyman.io
SwaggerHub Enables Instant Serverless Infrastructure with New AWS Integration (2016-06-15) worldnews.se
Ask DZ: Swagger API on Multiple OSGI Bundles Using Apache Karaf (2016-06-21) dzone.com
DHC supports HTTP Archive v1.2 (HAR) (2016-06-21) restlet.com
Rapid7 discloses remote code execution flaw in Swagger (2016-06-23) www.computerweekly.com
Swagger Vulnerability Leads to Arbitrary Code Injection (2016-06-23) threatpost.com
HTTP-RPC 3.0 Released [Announcement] (2016-07-01) dzone.com
What are your thoughts on FHIR? (2016-07-01) www.reddit.com
Using Google Tag Manager to Dynamically Generate Schema/JSON-LD Tags (2016-07-01) moz.com
A Brief History of RAML (2016-07-03) dzone.com
How to test API endpoint using Atom and RAML? (2016-07-04) stackoverflow.com
What is Swagger and Why it Matters (2016-07-10) blog.readme.io
Media Types for Hypertext Sensor Markup (2016-07-29) tools.ietf.org
Tweet: Introducing gh-ost: our online schema migration tool for MySQL by @ShlomiNoach https://t.co/BbpelcRkrq https://t.co/yRK3v8vhc1 (2016-08-01) twitter.com
Writing OpenAPI (Swagger) Specification Tutorial ? Part 8 ? Splitting specification file (2016-08-02) apihandyman.io
Tyk joins the Open API Initiative! (2016-08-02) tyk.io
Uri Sarid on RAML 1.0 Release and Latest MuleSoft API News (2016-08-03) www.infoq.com
Implement Swagger Documentation for REST APIs (2016-08-14) dzone.com
Planet Platform Postman Collection by kjbrazil (2016-08-15) kjbrazil.github.io
What is the Difference Between API Documentation, Specification, and Definition? (2016-08-16) nordicapis.com
Test Your Swagger API (2016-08-25) blog.apiary.io
ASP.NET Web API Documentation using Swagger (2016-08-29) www.codeproject.com
Why Consistency Matters Across the Media Types Offered by an API (2016-08-30) www.programmableweb.com
Using Templates to Transform Web Service Results into Markup (2016-08-31) www.infoq.com
Poll results: top reason for using Swagger/RAML (2016-09-01) restlet.com
Specref (2016-09-03) www.specref.org
JSON Version of Web Concepts (2016-09-03) webconcepts.info
ASP.NET Core APIs in the Fast Lane With Swagger and Autorest (2016-09-06) dzone.com
Boxs developer platform revamped with new content types, UI tools (2016-09-08) www.pcworld.com
Introducing API Templates With Reusable System and Process APIs (2016-09-09) blogs.mulesoft.com
Designing APIs With RAML (2016-09-09) dzone.com
Stage Intelligence Adds Support for the GBFS Open Data Standard into its BICO Distribution Solution (2016-09-10) insidebigdata.com
New Developer Resource: Abstraction Layers, Schemas, and State Management ? oh my! (2016-09-12) www.apteligent.com
Atlassian joins Open API Initiative, open sources RADAR doc generator (2016-09-19) developer.atlassian.com
AWS CloudFormation Update ? YAML, Cross-Stack References, Simplified Substitution (2016-09-19) aws.amazon.com
Generating Swagger (OpenAPI specification) from your LoopBack Application (2016-09-20) strongloop.com
How Defining Some API Standards and Best Practices Might Benefit Enterprises (2016-09-21) www.programmableweb.com
Usage of Swagger 2.0 in Spring Boot Applications to document APIs (2016-09-23) dzone.com
One smart city standard to rule them all? (2016-09-26) americancityandcounty.com
API Buyer Beware: The Issue of AWS Compatibility (2016-09-27) dzone.com
An Open API Initiative Update (2016-09-30) www.infoq.com
Metaphors of Big Data (2016-10-01) dismagazine.com
Web API Return List of Custom Type (JSON) (2016-10-03) www.codeproject.com
swagger-gist.io ? Saving and Versioning Swagger definitions (2016-10-10) jordwalsh.com
OPML to JSON converter (2016-10-11) dev.opml.org
How To Create a Trusted Web API Spec (2016-10-12) medium.com
Virtual Panel: Document and Description Formats for Web APIs (2016-10-14) www.infoq.com
The Need for Open Standards in Predictive Analytics (2016-10-16) dzone.com
Introducing Seamless Source Control Integration With Bitbucket and SwaggerHub (2016-10-31) dzone.com
GitHub - zapier/zapier-platform-schema: The core Zapier Platform schema. (2016-10-31) github.com
OpenAPI GUI (2016-11-12) mermade.github.io
Staggered by Swagger (2016-11-12) medium.com
Swagger toolbox (2016-11-12) swagger-toolbox.firebaseapp.com
Why Emburse Opened Its vCard Solution to Developers (2016-11-13) www.programmableweb.com
U.S. jury sides with Arista over Cisco in copyright battle (2016-12-14) www.reuters.com
simeji/jid: json incremental digger (2016-12-15) github.com
Future of APIs (2016-12-19) medium.com
Amazon States Language (2016-12-27) states-language.net
GitHub - yarax/swagger-to-graphql (2016-12-30) github.com
Cisco Supports Redfish Standard: API Enhances UCS Programmability (2017-01-04) blogs.cisco.com
Amazon Web Services (2017-01-05) amazon.web.services.stack.network
A Complete Guide to JSON-LD (2017-01-05) www.searchenginejournal.com
Mermade/openapi_specifications: Open API Specifications (2017-01-05) github.com
Getting the best Oracle API information with Swagger and a pinch of... (2017-01-11) www.capgemini.com
Securely Sharing Your Swagger API Docs with DreamFactory (2017-01-11) blog.dreamfactory.com
Apps metadata for API discovery and code generation (2017-01-13) docs.microsoft.com
Tweet: New Blog! Securely Sharing Your Swagger API Docs with DreamFactory! https://t.co/e1pHurMtNK https://t.co/RJKqJsePd7 (2017-01-13) twitter.com
JSON to XML Transformation Using DataWeave (2017-01-20) dzone.com
Defining Syslog: Daemons, Message Formats, and Protocols (2017-01-31) dzone.com
Emerging FHIR standard doesn’t solve semantic interoperability (2017-01-31) www.healthdatamanagement.com
Feds back FHIR, big-time (2017-02-02) healthcare3924.rssing.com
WebAPI - pending.schema.org (2017-02-02) pending.webschemas.org
UNESCO Thesaurus published with Semantic Web standards Open-Source software (2017-02-06) aims.fao.org
OData support in IIB? (2017-02-07) www.mqseries.net
Capgemini Announces Open Banking Solution for PSD2 (2017-02-10) www.fintech.finance
PSD2 Marks the Beginning of an Era of Secure Payment (2017-02-10) www.accenture.com
GoodRelations: The Professional Web Vocabulary for E-Commerce (2017-02-10) www.heppnetz.de
Rest Api Modeling Language (2017-02-13) www.follownews.com
Tweet: Docs are up - https://t.co/CO7p6JsTWy. Your API could be covered by spec driven contract tests today - no excuses! https://t.co/C0U9knvkUf (2017-02-15) twitter.com
A Guide to JSON-LD for Beginners (2017-02-16) moz.com
CommonWell First to Use Argonaut Project FHIR Specifications (2017-02-16) ehrintelligence.com
AWS Config Rules Adds AWS CloudFormation Templates and a Test Mode for Rule Authoring (2017-02-16) aws.amazon.com
Writing OpenAPI (Swagger) Specification Tutorial - Part 9 - Extending the OpenAPI specification (2017-02-19) apihandyman.io
My Understanding of ArcNet Protocol (2017-02-23) www.codeproject.com
W3C Begins Standards Work on Web of Things to Reduce IoT Fragmentation (2017-02-25) www.w3.org
Open API Initiative Announces Release of the OpenAPI Spec v3 Implementer’s Draft (2017-03-01) www.openapis.org
Lufthansa Open API · GitHub (2017-03-01) github.com
The most beautiful and customizable JSON/JSONP highlighter that your eyes have ever seen (2017-03-02) github.com
Building With Open Standards Will Result in IT Longevity (2017-03-02) nordicapis.com
To turn up the awesomeness on your service you can create a Swagger service definition for it! (2017-03-03) blog.dreamfactory.com
YASMIN (Yet Another jSon Message notatIoN) (2017-03-04) cyberphone.github.io
Testing N1QL (Part 4): Using Query Templates to Create Queries (2017-03-05) dzone.com
Autocomplete and tooltips for variables are now live! (2017-03-07) blog.getpostman.com
Public Review of JSON-P Specification 1.1 is Now Open (2017-03-08) www.infoq.com
Introducing Custom Rules (2017-03-09) blog.mparticle.com
"Web Publications" is the rebranding of @w3c #PWP, and if youre interested in publishing on the web, have a look! (2017-03-09) www.w3.org
Consumer Reports Proposes Open Source Security Standard To Keep The Internet Of Things From Sucking (2017-03-10) www.techdirt.com
@readmeio: Weve got Swagger! (2017-03-13) readme.io
Backup and Sync your Postman Collections on GitHub (2017-03-14) blog.getpostman.com
Microsoft Flow now supports the Postman Collection format! (2017-03-14) flow.microsoft.com
Five things they didnt tell you were changing in OpenAPI 3.0.0-RC0 (2017-03-15) mikeralphson.github.io
How Allscripts is collaborating and encouraging use of #FHIR (2017-03-16) www.allscripts.com
FHIR is No Longer Just a Concept (2017-03-16) datica.com
Protocol to Access White-Space (PAWS) Databases (RFC 7545) (2017-03-17) datatracker.ietf.org
Promote your local businesses reviews with schema.org markup (2017-03-18) webmasters.googleblog.com
This could be the year for Issa’s bill requiring open, standardized financial data format (2017-03-20) www.fedscoop.com
Access OData From Microsoft Power BI (2017-03-22) dzone.com
Convert API Definitions Into Swagger, API Blueprint, and RAML within Postman (2017-03-22) blog.getpostman.com
Schema.org Just Released New Restaurant Menu Markup (2017-04-03) moz.com
OpenAPI / Swagger Resource List for API Developers (2017-04-04) blog.runscope.com
Best JSON Formatter and JSON Validator: Advance JSON Formatter (2017-04-05) jsonformatter.org
GitHub - refractproject/minim-alps: Minim ALPS Namespace (2017-04-06) github.com
CloudFormation Designer now supports YAML (2017-04-06) aws.amazon.com
Concepts to Integration – Metadata (2017-04-07) blog.scribesoft.com
Swagger, the REST Kryptonite (2017-04-08) jimmybogard.com
Restlet Studio Supports RAML 1.0 API Specification (2017-04-12) www.programmableweb.com
What sets RAML 1.0 apart from OAS 2.0? (2017-04-12) restlet.com
What’s New in OpenAPI 3.0 (2017-04-14) nordicapis.com
Why Your API Needs Machine-Readable Descriptions (2017-04-14) apimatic.io
Payload Transformation: JSON to Object (2017-04-15) dzone.com
Cinchoo - Using JSON format configuration values (2017-04-18) www.codeproject.com
Payload Transformation: JSON to XML (2017-04-18) dzone.com
Microservices, APIs, and Swagger: How They Fit Together – Quantix (2017-04-19) quantixcap.wordpress.com
Microservices, APIs, and Swagger: How They Fit Together (2017-04-19) dzone.com
MuleSoft Joins Linux Foundation Open API Initiative to Accelerate Innovation in API Specifications (2017-04-20) finance.yahoo.com
MuleSoft Joins the OpenAPI Initiative: The End of the API Spec Wars (2017-04-21) swagger.io
Tweet: Share your Postman Collections with your team over the cloud. View our tutorial on collaborating using Postman: https://t.co/EvLyo6UfJ7 (2017-04-24) twitter.com
Simplify Your Salesforce Data with Custom Metadata Type Relationships (2017-04-25) developer.salesforce.com
Release v3.0.0 · whitlockjc/json-refs · GitHub (2017-04-25) github.com
A Short History of OAI and API Specifications (2017-04-26) restlet.com
A Short History of OAI and API Specification (2017-04-27) restlet.com
Tweet: 5 Ways the OpenAPI Specification Spurs API Agility (2017-04-27) nordicapis.com
Open API and RAML: Better Together (2017-04-28) www.programmableweb.com
GeoJSON Text Sequences (2017-04-28) webconcepts.info
Release OAS 3.0.0-rc1 Released! · OAI/OpenAPI-Specification · GitHub (2017-04-28) github.com
Payload Transformation: XML to Object (2017-04-29) dzone.com
REST API Industry Debate: OData vs GraphQL vs ORDS (2017-05-03) www.progress.com
The HTTP API Space Is Consolidating Around OAS (2017-05-06) www.infoq.com
APIMATIC Blog - APIMatic Turns 3; Announcing Support of OAS 3.0 (2017-05-09) apimatic.io
Automatic discovery of Web API Specifications: an example-driven approach (2017-05-10) modeling-languages.com
Tweet: AWS Schema Conversion Tool now extracts from SQL Server data warehouses! https://t.co/2RMKhM9ICU https://t.co/bwLYzrSbd6 (2017-05-11) twitter.com
Concepts to Integration – Standardization (2017-05-12) blog.scribesoft.com
Proposal: Expand OpenAPI to include RPC APIs · Issue #801 · OAI/OpenAPI (2017-05-16) github.com
Lagom (2017-05-17) www.lagomframework.com
JSON Feed: Home (2017-05-17) jsonfeed.org
A new way to debug your data models (2017-05-17) medium.com
Embracing OpenAPI (Swagger) at Box (2017-05-18) medium.com
box/box (2017-05-21) github.com
New Metafields: Required and Value (2017-05-22) medium.com
Comparing OpenAPI/Swagger 2.0 and 3.0.0 (2017-05-23) dev.to
A new way to debug your data models – The Event Log (2017-05-25) blog.keen.io
dropbox/stone: Write your APIs in stone. (2017-05-27) github.com
Introducing the AsyncAPI specification (2017-05-27) dev.to
4 ways to improve SEO with schema and structured data (2017-06-02) thenextweb.com
Descriptions for request attributes in Postman (2017-06-02) blog.getpostman.com
Software Defined Talk: An AWS Private Cloud Strategy, and YAML (2017-06-02) thenewstack.io
Documenting APIs with Swagger (2017-06-02) docslikecode.com
KDL: A Notation to Describe Kubernetes Application Deployments (2017-06-06) blog.openshift.com
Introducing Our SendGrid Template Migration Tool (2017-06-12) www.sparkpost.com
Support for Export to WSDL Added (2017-06-12) docs.apimatic.io
dwSQL Intro · GitBook (2017-06-12) docs.data.world
Scenarios v3.3 Update (2017-06-12) medium.com
Announcing Azure Functions OpenAPI (Swagger) support preview (2017-06-12) blogs.msdn.microsoft.com
FHIR® Developer Days 2017 (2017-06-20) www.fhirdevdays.com
Getting Started with the ThreatConnect Query Language (TQL) (2017-06-21) www.threatconnect.com
Getting Started with the ThreatConnect Query Language (TQL) (2017-06-21) www.threatconnect.com
API Standardization Industry Group (2017-06-23) www.nacha.org
Press Releases : DOCOMO Announces docomo AI Agent Open Partner Initiative (2017-06-23) www.nttdocomo.co.jp
3.3 Hasura Auth API + Postman collection (2017-06-25) medium.com
Http (2017-06-25) www.hl7.org
Declarative Infrastructure with the Jsonnet Templating Language (2017-06-26) databricks.com
OpenAPI v3 JSON Schema by timburks · Pull Request #1236 · OAI/OpenAPI (2017-06-28) github.com
Does Your Industry Need a Well (2017-06-29) associationsnow.com
Open Data Blueprint (2017-07-12) thegovlab.org
No Standard For Standards (2017-07-17) admin.dyn.com
oasis (2017-07-17) github.com
Scale an Open API based web API with Cloud Endpoints (2017-07-19) glaforge.appspot.com
Chasing the Perfect API Specification Workflow (2017-07-20) philsturgeon.uk
JSON for the Accounting API (2017-07-24) medium.com
The OpenAPI Specification Turns 3 (2017-07-26) nordicapis.com
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